Policy Statement 

Kidz Klub aims to provide safe and effective care of children by ensuring the staff are fully aware of the individual needs of all children, including their reactions to, and management of, allergies. Policies and practices relating to allergy management will be reviewed regularly.


Parents will be required to inform the Centre of any allergies the child may have at the time of enrolment. This information will be recorded on the enrolment form. Where the child has a severe allergy, the parents will be asked to supply a Medication Management plan from their doctor explaining the effects if the child was to be exposed to a particular allergen and the action required, as per Regulation 90. 

Children with Anaphylaxis will be required to provide an “Action Plan for Anaphylaxis” from the child’s doctor. Without these plans, a child’s enrolment will not be confirmed. Parents will be reminded of this requirement through the Family Handbook. 

Permission will be sought from the parent for their child’s action plan to be placed in a visible spot in the Kitchen Counter. 

All staff will be informed of the current enrolments with allergies on an ongoing basis. A list will be kept of all children with particular allergies and staff will be responsible for referring to the list at the commencement of each shift. All relief staff and volunteers will be informed of the list on initial employment and provided orientation on what action to take in the event of a medical emergency involving the child.

Food Allergies 

Parents will be required to provide an outline of the child’s current diet on a Severe Allergies Form. Parents may be required to provide further information regarding the allergy and action plan at the discretion of the Centre Coordinator. A listing of children with food allergies will be placed in the kitchen so as to be easily visible and accessible to staff. A list of what the child cannot eat will be recorded, as well as alternatives of what the child can eat. Parents/guardians of a child with an allergy will be provided with a copy of the Allergies Policy (Regulation 91). 

Practices and procedures in relation to safe food preparation and consumption will be reviewed each time enrolment for a child with a Severe Allergy is accepted at the centre. At a minimum, this policy will be reviewed every 12 months. If relevant, policies and practices in relation to specific needs of individual children will be developed and implemented.