Policy Statement

 We will ensure that appropriate and required records are kept for the specified period of time. We will protect the privacy and confidentiality of all families, staff and management of the Centre, by ensuring that records and information are kept in a secure place and only disclosed to people who have a legal right to know.


Changes to bookings are made through the Centre’s webserver using the individual login information. There are three types of bookings: Permanent, Casual and Alternate bookings. 

Permanent Bookings 

Bookings are considered permanent if they are made for the same session for a minimum of two consecutive weeks and are chargeable despite attendance. 

Changes to permanent bookings, either cancellations or session additions, must be made through the Centre’s webserver by 9 am of the Friday prior to the week that the changes are to take place. Additions not put through by this time will be at the discretion of the Centre Director. Cancellations not put through by this time will be charged. 

An “Away” booking change must be entered through the Centre’s webserver by 12 pm (midday) the day prior to the session the change is to take place. “Away” notifications after this time must be made to the Centre. “Away” Permanent sessions are chargeable. Non-notification of a child’s absence from a session may incur additional fees (See Policy Fees). 

Permanent bookings may be transferred from one day to another in the same week (Monday to Friday) providing the change is logged online by 12 pm (midday) the day prior to the session being transferred from or to and that they are the same session type (i.e. Morning for Morning, Afternoon for Afternoon). 

Permanent bookings falling on a public holiday are non-chargeable. 

Casual Bookings 

Bookings are considered casual if they are made irregularly or occasionally. Casual bookings must be made online by 12 pm (midday) the day prior to the required booking. After this time, bookings must be confirmed directly with the Centre and must be made prior to the commencement of the session required. 

Casual bookings may be cancelled without charge provided the centre is advised prior to the end of the morning session or the commencement of the afternoon session. If the centre is not informed by this time the casual session will be charged. 

Alternate Bookings 

Where a parent is involved with shift or rostered work the Centre will endeavour to arrange permanent bookings for their children on a week-to-week basis. Parents should advise the Centre Director of their position and appropriate arrangements will be put in place to accommodate these situations. 

Alternate booking should be logged online by Friday 9 am prior to the week that the bookings are to take place. Alternate bookings do not carry over at the end of each school term and must be resubmitted for bookings to occur.