Fees & Charges


Kidz Klub will endeavour to keep the service affordable and accessible to families in the communities that Kidz Klub services. Kidz Klub ratifies the budget annually, or as necessary, and monitors it carefully throughout the year.



  • Upon being offered a place at Kidz Klub, the applicant is required to pay a two-week security bond at the full fee session amount before the position is secured.
  • The bond secures each child’s position at the service and is refundable at the termination of enrolment provided that the required two weeks written notice is given, and the account has a zero balance after the position is finalised. The bond may be used to cover any debt to finalise your account.
  • Upon a fee increase, you will be required to update the bond in accordance with the newer rate to ensure your bond remains equal to two weeks at full fees.
  • Under special circumstances, the payment of bond may be deferred for a short period of time at the discretion of Kidz Klub management.


  • Your contract with Kidz Klub is for the full fee amount of all bookings: permanent, casual and absent.
  • On application, you may be eligible for a subsidy from Centrelink. If Centrelink provides you with a subsidy Kidz Klub will only charge the gap that remains.
  • Direct debit is the required payment method and is to be set up upon enrolment.
  • Where a weekly payment frequency is requested, fees are charged the balance at the end of the current week plus one week in advance.
  • Where a fortnightly payment frequency is requested, fees are charged the balance at the end of the current week plus two weeks in advance.
  • Where a monthly payment frequency is requested, fees are charged the balance at the end of the current week plus four weeks in advance.
  • Direct debit reversals will mean that the account holders will be charged the debt amount plus the full scheduled fee on the next direct debit run.
  • Statements will be issued via email once a term or upon the request of the account holder. Please ensure you keep your email accounts up to date.


  • Centrelink is responsible for all subsidies offered to eligible families.
  • Parents/Carers will need to accept Kidz Klub as an authorised provider on their Centrelink account after enrolment before Centrelink will consider offering a subsidy.
  • Kidz Klub does not have any say or control over Centrelink’s subsidy system and has no means to manipulate Centrelink provided data in any way.
  • It is Centrelink’s discretion to provide or remove subsidy at any time as they deem fit.
  • Full fees will be charged until such time that Centrelink provides a subsidy or if Centrelink removes subsidy.
  • Parents/Carers are responsible for keeping Centrelink and Kidz Klub information up to date. Failure to do so may affect Centrelink providing a subsidy.
  • It is a parent’s/carer’s responsibility to follow up any subsidy dispute with Centrelink.

Bookings and Cancelations:

  • Permanent bookings are available for both before and after school care sessions only and are charged based on the NSW public school term dates.
  • Vacation care sessions are booked on a casual booking basis and are available to everyone regardless of holding a permanent before or after school care session. For this reason, it is recommended to book vacation care sessions as early as possible.
  • All before and after school care casual bookings should be made at least 1 hour prior to the required session to prevent late booking charges.
  • All vacation care bookings should be made prior to 12 noon the day before the required session to prevent late booking charges.
  • If you make a late booking, please contact Kidz Klub by phone prior to attending to ensure that your child can be accommodated as late bookings cannot be guaranteed due to staff-to-child ratios and vacation care bus places, but it is very rare that we will not be able to accept the booking.
  • Late bookings are still accepted as long as staff-to-child ratios can be met but incur a fee of $5.00 per child.


  • While Kidz Klub is operational, fees are payable for all booked days regardless of the reason for absence, this includes but is not limited to illness or family vacations.
  • Casual bookings are charged as absences if they are not cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the booked session.
  • Each financial year Centrelink provide subsidy to all eligible children for up to 42 allowable absences, across all children’s services that your child may attend.
  • After the 42 allowable absences across all children’s service that your child attends, Centrelink will withdraw subsidy for all further absences which will result in the full fee being charged for those days.
  • There may be some circumstances where families can apply for Centrelink to cover subsidy for additional absences beyond the allowable 42 days. You will need to provide a copy of written supporting evidence to Kidz Klub for the application to be submitted to Centrelink.
  • It is the parent's/career’s responsibility to track their child’s absences or to request information regarding their child’s absences with Kidz Klub.

Service Closure:

  • No fee will be charged in the event of Kidz Klub being closed during the regular operating days and hours.
  • Kidz Klub does not operate during legislated NSW public holidays.
  • Kidz Klub will close for a brief period over Christmas and New Year with exact dates to be advised prior to the commencement of the December/January school vacation period.
  • Permanent before and after school care bookings are not charged during NSW public school vacation periods.

Direct Debits:

  • Direct debits are the required method for the payment of fees.
  • Direct debits are collected by a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant company for a nominated fee based on the chosen payment method which is the responsibility of the account holder.
  • The default for direct debit collection will be a weekly frequency taken every Thursday. It is the account holder’s responsibility to request an alternative frequency and day through written means, email accepted.
  • It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds in their account to cover the fee being taken on the scheduled date.
  • Occasionally there may be electronic or communication issue that prevents the account being debited on the scheduled date. In this instance, the account will be debited at the earliest time available to the system after the scheduled date. It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure there are enough funds remaining in the account until they have been collected. Charges incurred due to insufficient fund at any time will be at the expense of the account holder.
  • Kidz Klub only charges the amount owing on the account. All other fees including dishonour fees for insufficient funds are made by the direct debit company. Kidz Klub cannot see any of the additional charges that you may have incurred through the direct debit company. If you have any issues relating to charges, please contact the direct debit company.
  • Account holders will be given 14 days notice of change of PCI DSS company via email and the Kidz Klub website. Account holders will be required to migrate to the new provider within the 14-day notification period or risk falling into debt and debt recovery proceedings commencing.

Debts and Debt Recovery:

  • Where an account falls overdue the position may be terminated and collection proceedings entered into.
  • It is better for account holders to contact Kidz Klub prior to falling behind on payments to enter into an agreed fee payment plan contract to prevent debts being referred for collection.
  • Upon agreeing to a signed payment plan contract, it is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure the terms of the payment plan contract are met in full. Failure to meet the contract requirements will result in debt recovery and termination of enrolment.
  • Kidz Klub reserves the right to take action to recover debts owing to the service. This can include the engagement of solicitors and debt recovery agencies to recover any monies owed plus additional charges.
  • The account holder will be liable for the full debt amount, plus all fees incurred by the solicitors and debt collection company, plus a $50 administration fee payable to Kidz Klub.
  • There is no way for Kidz Klub to withdraw a claim once debt recovery proceedings have commenced.

Late Collection Charge:

  • Kidz Klub is open for the following sessions:
Before school 06:30 am to 09:00 am
After school 03:00 pm to 06:30 pm
Vacation care 06:30 am to 06:30 pm
  • Kidz Klub is unable to accept children outside of the operating hours stated above. It is wise to ensure you have reliable people authorised to collect your child included in your child’s enrolment form that you can call on to ensure your child is collected on time in the case of an emergency.
  • A late fee will be charged to each child that has not been signed out and has left the premises by 06:30 pm.
  • The late fee will be charged at a rate of $2 per minute per child which is billed automatically in our system.

Failure to Notify of Absence Charge:

  • It is a requirement of enrolment that parents notify Kidz Klub of all absences.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/carers to notify Kidz Klub themselves. Schools do not notify Kidz Klub and are not responsible for notifying Kidz Klub of your child’s absence. We are also unable to accept the word of siblings or other children in regard to your child’s absence.
  • Absences should be managed by parents/carers via the My Family Lounge app or through the family login at kidzklub.net.au prior to 02:30 pm.
  • If you are unable to access the app or website, please call or email Kidz Klub before 02:30 pm to prevent charges applying.
  • Kidz Klub has an answering machine that is always on so please make sure you leave a message. Failing to leave a message will result in the charge being applied.
  • Emails will be accepted on the basis of the timestamp received.
  • The fee for failing to notify will be charged at $10 per instance per family.

Additional Charges:

  • During vacation care, all additional charges for excursion extras such as movie treats will be added to the account for payment via direct debit. This is an optional charge and will only be accepted when parents complete the extras order sheet, sign and date for approval.
  • No cash will be accepted for these charges.


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Last Updated: 20/05/2020